Saturday, May 31, 2008


I had thought that this post would announce the demise of the original U.P. GROOVES! website. For those who don't know, I created the site using WebTV's Page Builder feature, and I had thought it would vanish when I had to close my WebTV account.

I thought that day had come on May 16, when - after eight years of faithful service to myself and my family - our 2000 Sony WebTV Plus unit suddenly went black. Apparently, its "video card" failed. There was no place in our immediate area where we could get the thing fixed, or buy a new one. So we wound up having to order a new MSN TV 2 unit online (using my personal computer).

We got the new unit exactly one week after the old one "blew out." Much to my surprise, I learned that our old WebTV addresses were still usable with the new MSN TV 2! So I didn't have to send out that mass e-mail to my U.P. GROOVES e-mail list, or publish the big obit here, after all! (Too bad - they were really quite nice.)

So, for those still interested, the original U.P. GROOVES! website is still - at this writing - online at (Astonishingly - at least to me - more people still discover the project through the site than this blog!)